Hyaku Ju Oh Golion
In the year 1999, the Earth experiences World War III. The nations of the world launched their missiles, destroying life as they know it. Five youths, on their way home, return to an unliveable and war torned planet. However, a Galra Empire slave ship manages to capture them and take them back to be slaves for the Emperor Daibazaral. Not wanting to die at the hands of the DeathBlack Beastmen, the five escape and travel to the Planet Althea. There, they learn of the secret for the mighty robot, Golion. Split apart long ago, the mighty robot was laid to rest as five seperate lion ships, awaiting for the day to return to defend Althea. With the help of Princess Fara and her Confidant, Raible, the five swear to protect Althea against the forces of the Galra Empire.
Kikoukantai Dairugger XV
Kousoku Denshin Albegas