Errors In Episode #4 - The Missing Key
Written by Arus   
Friday, 12 January 2007

Figure we should have a thread dedicated to errors found in the episodes. With DVD, its now fun to hunt for things that you never noticed at first broadcast.

Im rewatching many of the episodes so I can write up summaries, so far Im on episode 4 - The Missing Key

Some of the "errors" I found:


Pidge is supposed to be wearing his Voltron Uniform.. Here, he's in his normal attire.

Wrong colored boots




he's in his normal attire again

However, this next one is funny. Remember, SVEN  is still the pilot of Blue Lion in this episode:




Seems that he's into dying his hair blonde and likes wearing pink ^_^



Written by GoldLion on 2007-06-27 19:19:27
This is funny! :D I guess the animators were really ready for princess to take Sven's place. :grin

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