More from Episode 4 and from Episode 3
Written by Arus   
Friday, 12 January 2007
Here's one that i found funny in episode 4 : The MIssing Key as well that I didn't address before

Take a look at this image:

This is the scene where the four guys return back to the Castle of Lions and Pidge is hiding on top of their Lift. Now take into consideration of how its facing because as we know the control panel is FACING the huge screen on the wall

Now, Look where Keith exists (which is for the Green Lion because..well, he had to take that lion)

But, because its a "temporary" thing during the animation process for the entire series, the animators just didn't address this little mistake from earlier in episode 3 ,when he enters the lifts for the first time.

As we know, Black Lion's chute is always the one that is opposite the big screen.

Yet later in episode 4:

No big screen ^_^



Take a Look!
Written by GoldLion on 2007-06-27 19:26:33
You see the lift? Who is on the top of it facing Sven? Is it just me or did Corran become Pidge? :p

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