Fleet of Doom Available on DVD
Written by Arus   
Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Image For long time fans of the series, World Events Productions have now made available the long awaited, Fleet of Doom Special. In this movie, it features for the first time the two Voltron teams working together as they face off with King Zarkon and the Drule Viceroy Throk's armada. Things get increasingly difficult when Prince Lotor enters the fray with his own robeast, and the evil Witch Haggar decides to kidnap the Princess Allura's soul and bring her into her famed Dream Dimension.

The DVD release features a lot of extras including character art, original series openers, on the street interviews with fans (or not?), Voltron fan films, and other WEP properties.

The DVD is only exclusive to Voltron.com so you will have to purchase it through their website:



Cost is $19.95 + shipping.


Own a piece of Voltron history! 


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