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  Link   Voltron Fanfiction by Aimee
Fanfiction dedicated to Lion Voltron.
  Link   Lotor.com
The Marking of the Days is an ongoing work of fiction Chapters 19+ are published by subscription.
  Link   The Castle Of Lions
This site was intended to be an alternate place for the members of KAEX to post their fan fiction. I have extended it to include other pairings, etc. as well. If you need help submitting your fiction please let me know! :)
  Link   Taryn's Voltron Dimension
YAOI based fanfiction site.
  Link   V4: Past, Present, and Future
Shared universe for fanfiction writers who enjoy the Voltron series. Think of it as further explorations of the universe, and you get the idea.
  Link   VehicleVoltronAssociation
This group is designed for fans of the Vehicle Voltron series and its anime counterpart Dairugger XV. Lion Voltron fans also welcome
  Link   Voltron The New Alliances
Play by mail RPG based on Voltron Defender of the Universe, set about 215 years into the future. (Not based on Voltron the Third Dimension) New heroes, villains and dangers. Create your own persona in the Voltron universe. Set primarily in the Denub
  Link   Voltronís Fancy
ADULTS ONLY. This is an *adult* group dedicated to all things Voltron. ADULTS ONLY.
  Link   Vying Fanfic List
ADULTS ONLY. The vying mailing list is intended as a haven for fans of voltron yaoi. For anyone who isn't aware, this means male/male relationships. ADULTS ONLY.
  Link   When Lions Roar
  Link   Sakh16's Voltron Site
Sakh16's fanfiction site.
  Link   Voltron Sanctuary
A fansite dedicated to the popular 80's cartoon/anime: Voltron Defender of the Universe! But compared to other websites this is much more adult oriented content which more resembled the original Japanese version: Hyakujuu-Ou Go-Lion ("Hundred Beast K
  Link   Keith and Allura Express Archive
Archive of fanfiction from the KAEX Mailing list ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kaex ).

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