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My Animation Cel Collection
The following are scans of Animation Cels I've collected over the years from the anime series, Hyaku Ju Oh Golion and Kikoukantai Dairugger XV. Many of the cels were found on Ebay and some through Yahoo! Auctions. One, I purchased when I was in Japan. Golion and Dairugger Cels are very hard to comeby as it was common practice, back in the day, to throw out the cels once they were used in production. Many of which you see are what were collected over the years. Realize, these cels are now 25 years old, and due to aging, they are slowly deteriorating. This is my way of cataloging what I have, to preserve an aspect of this fandom that is rarely seen on the net. Do note, that none of these cels are for sale.


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