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lionv.jpgLion Voltron
Five space explorers are sent on a risky mission to the Planet Arus, in hopes to offer help against the forces of King Zarkon. Together, with Princess Allura and her Court Advisor Coran, they work together to discover the secrets of a giant defender, who once protected Arus against the evil forces of the universe. Created by her late father, King Alfor, Allura grants the wayward explorers to help her defend Planet Arus, against King Zarkon and his son, Prince Lotor. With robeast monsters, sent to wreak havoc and destruction, they form the mighty robot in hopes to maintain peace on Arus.
vv_logo.jpgVehicle Voltron
Earth faces the problem of overpopulation so Galaxy Garrison sends several groups of explorers, to help find a new planet, suitable for inhabitation. However, the Drules are also looking as well, as their home planet is on the verge of destruction. The Voltron Force must now face the task of finding and exploring as well as defend themselves and planets against the forces of the Drule Empire. With each planet they pass on, the harder for both the Drules and the Voltron Force to find one they could call a second home. Can they work together in the end for a common goal?
v3d.jpgVoltron The 3rd Dimension
Five years have passed since the Voltron Force defeated Prince Lotor on Doom and had him imprisoned away. Battered, broken and ruined, Prince Lotor spends his time plotting to seek his revenge against those who made him the monster that he is. With the help of the Witch Haggar, he escapes his prison. King Zarkon, now reformed and working for the Galaxy Alliance, reluctantly agrees to have the Voltron Force reunite to capture his wayward son. Though is Zarkon everything he appears to be?
lionv.jpgSpecial : Fleet of Doom
The Lion Voltron Force and the Vehicle Voltron Force team up to battled Prince Lotor and forces of Viceroy Throk. However, the Evil Witch Haggar, spirits away Allura's soul before the Lion Voltron Force can be called to action! With the help of King Alfor, Keith must travel to a dream dimension in order to save her! Will they make it back in time, before Lotor and Throk conquer the known universe?

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