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Not So Good News about the Live Action Voltron Movie PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arus   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Image Well, looks like we are going to be in for a long fight to get things changed if  the following is any indication of what we are going to expect from a Live Action Voltron Movie:

Voltron : Script Review

* Warning, above site contains some explicit language

For an alternative "look" at the pre-screenplay written by Justin Marks, you can review it here as well:

Voltron Live Action Story Details  


Suffice to say, IM not happy at all with the  details released thus far.  As a long time Voltron Fan, not only does this preliminary work into what  is to be expected for a movie so far removed from what we all grew up with; the SCRIPT doesn't include the main bad guys from the series! There is NO King Zarkon, NO Prince Lotor, and NO Haggar. It DOESN'T take place on Arus or Doom but on a POST apocalyptic Earth!  We've had enough of this type of plot from Double Dragon, the Terminator movies, Logan's Run, Mad Max movies, The Matrix Trilogy, Snake Plisken movies, Soylent Green, Judge Dredd and even Death Race 2000. 

Seriously, this is not the Voltron I grew up with, or grew to like. The characters aren't even of themselves! A broody, tatooed Keith? WTF? 

Hey, Im up for modernizing a classic series. They did it with the Xmen movie and the Spider-man movies. They did it with Transformers. But, what those movies did, was KEEP at least to the basics of the stories found in their alternative medium. Xmen stuck to the characters as they were portrayed in the comics; the screen writers made sure that the actions were true to what comic fans loved about the series. Spider-man was kept to the characters, with a few minor changes to the basics of how Peter Parker got his powers. Updated, but the THEME and the characters remained true to who they were.

This preliminary script review does nothing of the sort

THE characters are different!
IT TAKES place on EARTH!
The origin of Voltron  is now based on a post apocalyptic Earth!
And there is NO Zarkon, Haggar or Prince Lotor.

Just plain old Drules.
Dont mind me as I put away the party favors and the balloons.




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