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Cloverfield and Voltron PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arus   
Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Image Okay, it seems that this whole JJ Abrams movie, which is going by Cloverfield has started up a nice little internet query fury. Just within the last couple of days, traffic to this site has nearly tripled due to the interest drawn up by the short trailer that appeared before Transformers: The Movie.


First and foremost however, I reported in an earlier post that the speculation that the trailer before Transformers was thought to be something for Voltron, but I want to also clarify that the entry didn't make much sense and now Im seeing from replies to my article on other forum sites , that many are assuming that Im attributing the trailer to that being for the Voltron Movie.

Let me make this clear:  Im not saying Cloverfield is Voltron. Far from it. I wrote the earlier article because from the website I linked to it, it was addressing speculation that the trailer was for Voltron; and in that website, they had linked to a website that was recently registered and posted entitled Voltronblog.com  . Voltronblog and the trailer/Cloverfield have nothing to do with each other. I just wanted to show that Voltronblog.com seems to be a site that will be "blogging" about anything to do with the Voltron movie due out in 2008


Now, as for Cloverfield. Its REALLY safe to say that JJ Abrams isn't doing a Voltron movie simply for these simple facts:

1) The trailer stated 1-18-08 . That is believed to be the release date.

2) In my previous article, we only just received a preliminary screenplay preview of the Voltron Movie that is in production.

3) Given that the Voltron Movie just got a "glimpse" of a screenplay, its highly unlikely that any footage/filming is occuring. And the fact that there has been no news concerning CASTING.

4) The Voltron movie is going to be another SFX type movie. So of course, news of which SFX house will be doing the effects would be known by now. 

5) The proposed budget for Cloverfield is reported to be $65 million. Transformers was $150 million to make. Spider-man 3 was $165 million to make. Superman Returns was $250 million to make. Easy to see that a GOOD Voltron movie would not be able to be done on merely $65 million.

6) The entire movie in Cloverfield will be filmed  using the Camcorder style ala Blair Witch Project. Do you want to watch a Voltron Movie from the viewpoint of the person using a camcorder?


Now, just take a look at the IMDB Listing for "Cloverfield":


Cast is already set. And if you look, none of the actors match the characters as stated in the screenplay of the Voltron Movie.

Also, Cloverfield already has their "viral" marketing website set:


From the whois:

 Henry Kelvin
 1424 East 9th Street
 New York, NY 10003

 Domain name: 1-18-08.COM

 Administrative Contact:
    Kelvin, Henry
    1424 East 9th Street
    New York, NY 10003
 Technical Contact:
    Pike, Albert
    101 Callahan Drive
    Alexandria, VA 22301

 Registration Service Provider:
    DBMS VeriSign,
    800-579-2848 x4
    Please contact DBMS VeriSign for domain updates, DNS/Nameserver
    changes, and general domain support questions.

 Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
 Record last updated on 28-Jun-2007.
 Record expires on 30-Mar-2009.
 Record created on 30-Mar-2007.

 Domain servers in listed order:


So we can see that the whois for this site isn't the same as the whois for the Voltronblog.com site. Unreleated even.

 There is also http://www.parasitemovie.com   - but judging from this, its hosted on a server called sledriding.com and looks to be more of a "fan site" than an official site. It also uses DomainsByProxy's anonymity service to hide who really owns the domain. Also, it links to a "tossingames" website (no official company would be doing third party linking like that). So I'd take the parasitemovie.com site as just a pre-fan site in the making.



 Okay so that's it.


Cloverfield (the code named movie) by JJ Abrams is not a Voltron movie. By just looking at the details, its really easy to see that they are not connected to each other. But, hey, its fun to speculate right? 


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